I have worked with Larry Zukof at many workshops and monthly recorder society meetings, as part of an ensemble he coaches and as a private student. He has been a guest coach for the Recorder Society of Connecticut many times and the attendance at the meetings at which he coaches is the highest we get. We have two groups, based on playing level; he brings appropriate and interesting music, and is an effective coach, for each. The same is true of workshops he has coached at, which I have attended, that have several levels. Larry is a patient and encouraging teacher and coach. Under his direction, our ensemble's playing improves continuously. At the end of each session, we all feel we have been stretched and have done well.

-- Jo Ann Flaum Secretary, Recorder Society of Connecticut; Treasurer, Eastern Connecticut Recorder Society


With many years of teaching at the Eastern Connecticut Recorder Society, Larry Zukof is able to coax from us our best playing with his kind yet serious approach to our members of varying abilities and levels. The attendance at our monthly recorder society meetings is the best when Larry Zukof is our coach. 

--Joyce Goldberg, Past President (1998-2010), Eastern Connecticut Recorder Society


I have observed Larry's teaching and coaching over the years, when he has been our guest leader of the Recorder Society of CT and more recently as a participant in a bi-weekly coached ensemble. He creates an atmosphere of enjoyment and striving for improvement in playing, with attention to individuals' needs even in group settings.  He is a beloved coach.

--John Vandermeulen, President, Recorder Society of Connecticut.